ALL routes start and end at:

The Picnic Pavilion

Orient Beach State Park

40200 New York State Route 25

Orient, NY  11957

Driving directions here.

(NOTE: At one point the start/finish was going to be the Greenport Harbor Brewing company. That is NO LONGER the start/finish line.  We still love those guys; just a change of plans.)

You can either get to the Greenport start/finish line on your own, or use our OPTIONAL transportation to get your bike and you from Manhattan to the ride and home again.  We’ll serve a light breakfast in Manhattan and in Greenport.  (Or eat breakfast in BOTH places if you’re a hog like me!)

The route is easy to follow! We'll provide all riders with all of these -- your choice:

• A fully marked route

• A paper cue sheet

• Digital files for your bike-mounted GPS

• A FREE app for your smartphone with spoken turn-by-turn directions.

Of coure we also have full rest stops with snacks, sports drink, and a few surprises. THE best S.A.G. (bike rescue) service if you run in to trouble en route.

New to long-distance riding?  We offer optional escorted rides for the 70-mile route and the 40-mile route at no additional charge -- pedal with our trained leaders who will help you have a great ride.

At the finish you’ll also find free massage and a free hot meal for meat-eaters and vegetarians PLUS fantastic Greenport Harbor Brewery beer.


The North Fork Century

Saturday May 12, 2018

a fundraiser for

$150 total donation • No additional fundraising required

Limited to 600 cyclists only!  This ride sells out!

Routes for Beginners & Experts

40 miles • 50 miles • 70 miles • 100 Miles

The 40- and 50-mile routes are incredibly flat!

The 70- and 100-mile routes have a couple modest hills.

Optional transportation from NYC for your bike and you

The North Fork section of Long Island is, well, what the Hamptons must have been like back in the day -- browse through the photos of the North Fork ride route on each page of this web site to see what we’re talking about. We'll ride on low-traffic quiet country roads through lush farmland and past wineries, small towns, and along the coast of the Sound.  

You'll have your choice of routes from 40 - 100 miles. Everyone starts pedaling the ride together on the same

roads -- you can decide right in the middle of the ride which distance you want to do.

The route is flat, Flat, FLAT... no significant hills at all on the 40 or 50--mile routes, one modest hill on the 70-mile route that any B-class cyclist can handle, three short but nasty hills on the 100-mile route. (But nothing you would write home about...)

(Continued Below)

For years I purchased Larabar energy bars at full price because they are my favorite -- all natural, and the only energy bar I actually put in my own mouth (because it’s the only energy bar I’ve tried that actually tastes good!) Great for a mid-ride boost.  

The Larabar folks are sponsoring us again this year and I couldn’t be happier -- enjoy them at our rest stops. (By the way, when I say that Larabar is a “sponsor” that means that they are giving us free Larabars, and that’s great! It does NOT mean that they have given me piles of cash or a new carbon custom bike. Yet.)

We will also be serving energy drink donated by our friends at Nuun. I’d never tried the stuff, so I went out and bought some (you know... with my own money...) and gave it a shot during my trip through the Riff Mountains in Morocco. (Giant climbs in 90 degree heat...)  I can only tell you that this stuff worked -- not sure I would have made it otherwise. We get offered lots of sports drink -- this is the stuff I put in my own mouth. (By the way... is there any more pretentious conversation starter than, “There I was... pedaling through the Riff Mountains in Morocco...”)

All the details are here on this web site in excruciating detail, or just go here for the short version!


A Bicycling Magazine Cool Ride of the Month

The Best Rest Stops • Superb Support

Free Post-Ride Massage • Free End of Ride Meal


Beer at the Finish Line From Our Friends at

Provided you are 21 years old and can prove it!

Bring your photo I.D