Dr. Fauci... or is it?

COVID Information for The North Fork Century

There are a lot of different opinions out there about COVID safety, and we respect that.

Here are the rules that we are going to go with for our rides. If you feel OK with this plan we hope you'll come out for a much-deserved ride --- at long last, fun is back.

If you disagree with our plan that's OK, but then you probably shouldn't attend.  

• When you're on the bike, you do not have to wear a mask.

• Whenever you are OFF the bike, even for a short time, you need to wear a mask. (Start line, while being transported, rest stop, registration, bathroom break...)  You can take off your mask to eat, but then please put it right back on again.

• No Snot Rockets.  

• Maintain six feet of distance at all times, whether you're on or off the bike.

• Food stations are going to be a bit different. Food will be spaced farther apart on the tables at each rest stop, and we'll ask you to maintain that six-foot separation.  No more communal containers of goodies -- things will be portioned out. (You can have as much as you want; we just don't want as many hands touching stuff).  We'll still have lots of swell snacks for you, but please understand that these changes are there for one reason only: to keep everyone safe.

• Our start/finish line at Orient Beach State Park will be next to the picnic pavillion, but not in it. (This is a Long Island State Parks rule.  We are still hoping they might change the policy right before ride day, but for now...)

• Our motto has always been Ride Hard • Have Fun • Don't Act Like a Jerk, and in these troubled times truer words have rarely been spoken.  Get to it. Lead by example.

Questions? Comments? Always glad to hear from you.